Holding Paradise

Holding Paradise is my d├ębut novel and was published by Indigo Dreams April 2014. 

The Blurb

On a grey and miserable morning in 2008, London businesswoman, Angelica Ford boards a plane and flies off to the blues and greens of her mother’s island in the Caribbean. Angelica is desperate. She is looking for a way to save her marriage and win back her daughter. A web of lies has torn a hole into her seemingly perfect world and she is convinced that only her mother, Josephine Dennis, can help her turn her life around.
Josephine Dennis arrived in England by ship on a cold winter’s morning as a young mother joining her husband. She weathers a lifetime of secrets and betrayal, as she raises her family in 1960s London. A matriarch with strong family values, she told her children colourful stories to guide them through life. It is the wisdom of one of these stories that Angelica seeks. Josephine has one last story to tell – the story that could change both of their lives.
Excerpt from Chapter 1
“You said you were going to call me.”
“I know and I’m really sorry. It’s just that something came up.”
“So what does that mean?”
“It means I won’t be around for a while.”
“But Angelica, I need you.”
“I know Maddy, but I won’t be gone long.”
“Are you going to tell me where you’re going?”
“To see Mum.”
“Yes, I know. I can’t talk about it now Mads. I have to go.”
There’s silence on the other end. I’ve just added my sister to the list of people I’ve let down. I turn and look at the kitchen. The table is still set for two. The meal, untouched. 
My suitcase is packed. I pick it up and look back at the unmade bed.  Memories of that night are all too vivid. The doorbell rings. I gently close the bedroom door behind me and head downstairs.
 “You’re doing the right thing, love. Flying off on a day like this. Not getting any better according to the forecast.”
I barely acknowledge the cab driver. I just sit in the back seat as he puts my case in the boot, slams the door and drives off. 

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  1. 'Holding Paradise' sounds great, Fran - and you write in first person, present just as I do! You have no idea how happy that makes me...

    So yes, I would be very happy to review your book! I'll email you, if I may...

  2. Congratulations on your book deal! I think it sounds great and really enjoyed the extract. My first novel is also 1st person, present tense - we are starting a trend :)