Friday, 20 October 2017

Writing My Next Novel

Yes, it has been a while since I wrote my last actual post. I know. I've managed to post the odd review here and there because that is something I have been doing a lot of - reading.

I have been writing too, though. Some of you may know I write under a pseudonym, under which I have just completed the third book in a trilogy. Phew. I've sent the final draft off to the editor and I'm waiting to do the final read through. The third book will be out in February 2018 so I thought it was about time I wrote a book as me.

Starting to write a book is like lacing up your hiking boots and looking up at Mount Everest and wondering if you packed enough supplies. If you haven't then you're never going to make it to the top. I'm looking up that mountain right now and I'm just checking my backpack before I go a step further.

By chance I came across a fabulous article on the Writers and Artists blog (and if you are not on their mailing list then you really ought to be). It was written by Emily Suvada and you can find the whole article here

I've shortened all her points in case you are already half way up Everest and you've got no signal:

  • See the book in parts rather than a whole. Focus on things like scenes, chapters or character description and make notes
  • Have a game plan before each writing session e.g I will write 1000 words today
  • Write a brief note of everything a particular scene or conversation needs to contain before approaching the actual writing of it
  • Time management. Think Pomodoro Method. It will stop you running out of steam or neglecting everything else that should be going on with your life
  • Stay healthy, eat well and get plenty of sleep and exercise
I hope these were helpful. In fact you could apply this to any project you have, written or not. The article has given me a boost to get going on a book I'm excited to write. Yesterday I wrote 1000 words, another 90,000 and I'll be at the top of Everest and ready to start editing.

See you up there!

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