Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The SI Leeds Literary Prize - Shortlisted!

While casually doing a send and receive of my emails, and chatting on the phone, I discovered that I was on the shortlist for the SI Leeds Literary Prize!

Well the conversation I was having fell by the wayside; I was hyperventilating, having trouble with my speech and getting blurred vision. I had to hang up. I read the email over and over - I'd read it right. For the first time ever, I was on a shortlist.

The email came on a Saturday and on the following Monday I was due to join the rest of the other five shortlisted writers for an author Q&A and reading at Rich Mix Cultural Foundation! I was so nervous on the Monday the only meal I had was breakfast and for someone who gets hungry and eats every few hours, that's a big deal.

The other five people on the shortlist were fabulous writers and the work they produced sounded exceptionally good. I'd love to read them all one day.

Writers to watch out for!

This is the shortlist. (The first on the list is about to be published so look out for it!)

Dark Chapter – Winnie Li
Deadly Sacrifice – Stella Akinade – Ahmadou
Marmite and Mango Chutney – Amita Murray
Our Staggering Minds – Harkiran Dhindsa
Recognising Strangers – Jamilah Ahmed
When Skies Are Grey – Fran Clark

Image result for main space rich mix cultural foundation
Our readings and Q&A took place in The Main Space at Rich Mix

The SI Leeds Literary Prize

The SI Leeds Literary Prize is the prize for unpublished fiction by Black and Asian women resident in the UK aged 18 years and over.  Everything about the SI Leeds Literary Prize aims to act as a loudspeaker for Black and Asian women’s voices, enabling fresh and original literary voices from a group disproportionately under-represented in mainstream literary culture to reach new audiences.

We will be at another event at Southbank on 9th October as part of the London Literature Festival  

And the actual 2016 Prize Award Event is at Ilkley Literature Festival on Wednesday 12 October at 7.30pm

Can't wait.


  1. Many congratulations, Fran!! Super news. You must be so thrilled. Wishing you lots of luck for the 12th October.

    1. Thanks Nicola! I am thrilled and looking forward to the 12th:)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Fran! Awesome news!
    I'm sending positive vibes all the way across the blogosphere - good luck!!

  3. Thank you Michelle! Still can't get over it and thanks for the positive vibes - I need them :)