Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Never Ending Journey

It's amazing, isn't it, the tracks of our journey we leave behind that lead others to finding us. Two years ago, when Holding Paradise was first published, I wrote this article on Books By Women and since the article's publication I was in contact with quite a few inspirational women writers and I also received lots of comments from other writers, telling me that I had inspired them!

Isn't that amazing?

Especially when I think back to the start of my writing journey and of how I'd hoped it would pan out. Admittedly, it hasn't worked out the way I'd intended but that didn't mean I stopped writing.

The article I wrote (see link above) was called Squeezing It All In - Making Time For Your Passions so no prizes for guessing how that related to my writing journey. As I said, the journey was a little different than anticipated and it was a lovely comment I received this morning, two years after publishing the article, that put a huge smile on my face.

Although I have not published another book in my name since Holding Paradise, I have gone on to publish two books under a pseudonym, both have gotten into the top 100 on the Amazon Sales Ranks, getting as high as #5 in one category. I've ghost written several books and novelllas, and though I relinquish any rights over them once they are published, I know that at least one became a bestseller on Amazon, too.

And while I was squeezing in the above, I was still having a life and being part of a family and, not to mention, writing two more titles under my own name.

So what of the Fran Clark journey? Is she still an inspiration? And why does she speak of herself in the third person in this paragraph?!

Well, the journey continues and one day the track will show itself in the form of the novel I have bubbling at the back of my mind somewhere, in amongst all the other things I'm still trying to squeeze in!