Monday, 4 April 2016

A - Z Challenge [April 2016]

My Theme : Tips and Inspirational Quotes for Writers


C for Copy Cats
It's one thing to love and respect a particular author but it's another to try to copy their style. Sometimes this can be a useful tool for new writers because it forces you to get something on a page if you are still too nervous about being yourself - a lot of us go through this insecurity because it's not easy to be judged. Eventually you'll need to break the habit because trying to write like someone else will stifle your own creativity.

Oscar Wilde was supposedly known to have said these words:
"Be yourself; everyone else is taken."

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  1. Great post, Fran. When I started out, I did a very useful exercise whereby I took a couple of pages of my favourite book and then rewrote it in my own words. This helped with structure and pace. I can't say that I've purposely copied a particular style of writing but that was a fun exercise. Wishing you a great day.

    1. That is a useful exercise. I've seen it used at a workshop I attended.

  2. I love this quote from Oscar Wilde :)
    You have discussed a very important point through this post and I hope many understand this simple thing!

    The Piscean Me | Twitter

  3. As they say,copying from one person is plagiarism, copying from many is research, so trying styles is fine, but then you have to find which parts speak to your soul :).
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

  4. I'm a huge Oscar Wilde fan. It's great to see his sayings are still relevant (and funny) so long after his death. : ) I agree! You can't find your own writing voice if you just copy other writers. Good A to Z theme, I'll be back.
    Robin from Write On Sisters

  5. Hi Fran,
    I'm a WFWA member and avid WF writer. Do you find much of this kind of emulation in our genre? It seems to me that most WF writers have their own voice, though they do tend to rehash certain scenarios, such as the recently dumped ex-wife who gets her revenge by living well.
    @RhondaGilmour from
    Late Blooming Rose

    1. I've come across it in our genre in a critique group. I've noticed it more in new writers, regardless of the genre. But it's very hard to come up with an original story, so to have your own voice and original plot lines will make all the difference if your story goes down a well travelled road! Thanks for dropping by. See you on your blog soon :)

  6. I love that! It's tough because if you're too different, you'll be rejected for not fitting into any fixed category. But if you're too much like everyone else, you'll be told whatever you're doing has been "done to death."

  7. I pretty much love all of Oscar Wilde's quotes. My favorite: the suspense is terrible, I hope it will last.

  8. It can be useful to emulate others for a while, but we all eventually have to find our voice.
    Elizabeth Hein - Scribbling in the Storage Room

  9. Love the quote Be Yourself Everyone Is Taken is a motto we all should live by. Great post!