Saturday, 16 April 2016

A - Z Challenge [2016]

My Theme: Tips and Inspirational Quotes for Writers

N for Notebook

A writer's friend. Don't leave home without one. You'd be amazed how many great ideas come at you when you least expect it. You could be out shopping, having coffee with friends or you might have a brilliant line that comes to you before you can get the laptop on. I went around for ages without one, never listening to that one small, simple, but useful piece of advice.
Your phone or a recording device could be just as handy but not always convenient.
Some writers believe it is the best way to write their first draft. If you write by hand you can't hit the delete button, that way more ideas are saved and you never know when you might delete a gem and have to keep hitting the pesky Undo button to get it back.



  1. I used to carry a notebook everywhere I went. Now I end up writing on the back of the receipts most of the time because I'm usually at my computer!

  2. The most important piece of equipment for any writer. I have notebooks and pens all over the house, in every handbag and in the car. I'd be lost without them.

  3. I have a tendency to scribble things everywhere--on envelopes, napkins, backs of catalogs. I really should just get a notebook!!!

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  4. That is a good idea for a writer :) I need to keep a notebook at the edge of my bed for those nights I write "brilliant" blog posts while I struggle with insomnia and then of course can't remember any of it in the morning :)


  5. I carry a notepad in my purse but also use my phone for notes.

  6. Those little slips of paper seem to pile up...and they are so easy to misplace!
    A notebook is the answer.
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  7. I carry a tiny notebook in my purse. When I look back at what I've written, only half of it makes any sense.

  8. I carry a small notebook in my purse for all those random bits. But I also have a designated notebook for each novel I'm working on. I store my brainstorming sessions, research, timelines, marketing ideas, etc. here. But this notebook never leaves the house because I would hate to lose it!

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  9. I have notebooks all over the place :) I never use them for writing drafts though - I get too frustrated by the fact I can't write fast enough. I can type much more quickly than I can handwrite. I do have a huge stash of notebook from when I was a teenager though - before I had these handy things called computers.
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