Saturday, 12 March 2016

Letter To Teen Me

Today I read a comment on my last post by blogger and writer, Stephanie Faris and spotted the above, when I hopped over to her blog. It was started by writer, Kelly Hashway.

I liked the idea of writing a letter to my teenage self and mine is below. If you want to join in then add your name to this list and get this code to add the linky list to the bottom of your post or to see the list of names of people taking part. Check out all the blogs on the list, don't forget. But hurry it closes very soon!

My letter to Teen Me ...

Dear You

One of these days you won't be able to eat as many cakes and sweets as you currently do because you'll lose your flat stomach in years to come. I strongly and emphatically suggest that you keep up that gym membership, the one you'll get when aerobics classes were all the rage. Don't worry the exercise gear will get better.

You might not know this now but your interest in music is going to have a huge impact on your life. Sign up for piano lessons and stick to them and get your guitar down from the top of the wardrobe and practise like mad - I promise you'll regret that you didn't. A lot of people will think you have a great singing voice so try not to be so shy and put yourself out there - you never know where it might take you.

Don't stop reading books because your cool friends only read teen magazines. Believe me when I say that one day you'll wish you had a bigger vocabulary because much later in your life it will come in useful.

And don't worry that you still didn't know what you wanted to do when you left school. You really did learn a lot over the years and the older you is going to live a really happy life in a fabulous marriage.

p.s. That heavy make-up was a big mistake. It made you look older than I am now!

Fran (older and wiser)

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  1. Great letter! I think we all wish we'd started pursuing our talents earlier...but it's interesting that at that age we don't seem to have the confidence necessary to realize we have the talent in the first place. I guess that's all part of the journey. And, oddly, all those teen mags I read as a kid seem to have given me a talent for writing blogs and articles, which is my full-time living now. I read tons of books, too. I just read, read, read. If we'd had Twitter and Snapchat back then, I don't think I would have spent nearly as much time reading and that would have held me back, I think.

    1. That's probably why I try to limit my son's online time. He hates reading but at least he can do other things when not on line :)

  2. Great letter. I don't think any of us really understood what was really important when we were teens. It would be amazing if we really could get these letters to our teen selves.

  3. I love this letter! If only we could back and do things just a little differently...

    Glad you joined the blog hop! Nice to "meet" you.

  4. Nice to 'meet' you too. This was a great blog hop idea!

  5. I read books as a teen and I was cool...or at least in my own mind I was cool. LOL

    Yeah, I could tell teen me to stop the sugar addiction young, but I doubt she'll listen.

  6. Good letter. Reading was something I stopped doing as a teen too. But I started back up and have no plans on stopping.

    1. You and me both, Patricia, I always have a book on the go now - sometimes two!