Thursday, 3 March 2016

Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day in the UK on Sunday 6th March. I'll be spending  the day, as I have been doing recently, looking after my mum who is bedridden and has dementia. I will bring flowers and a card but she may not understand why.

I'm a mother, too, and I'll be having dinner with my family on the Saturday, both of my children will be with me for a meal for the first time in ages since the older one moved out. It isn't a special Mother's Day celebration or anything, it was just a convenient date but I'm really looking forward to it.

All of this week I've been editing my second novel. Rayna, my main character, becomes a mother but by the end of the novel you are bound to question what kind of mother she really is. Is she all good or all bad or a bit of both? I have been so involved in Rayna's story and I've judged her a lot. I even began to think  a lot about Rayna's own mother, who we only ever meet through her letters. Some beta readers have said what a saint Rayna's mother is and it got me wondering how my children, or anyone else come to that, thinks about me and how I am as a mother.

Am I good, bad or a little in between?

I'd like to think my children thought this of me but who can be that perfect? Is there a perfect mother or is our own mother perfect just because she's ours?

There is no rule book to follow. Mothers can only do the best they can and that has got to be good enough. The best that I can means, deep concern for my children's health, happiness and safety. If they're not with me I wonder if they're eating well, have they got good friends, are they wearing clean clothes? And you can guarantee that if either of my children are ill, I will have sympathy symptoms too!

I love my children to bits and whereas they may not ever write a quote the way Stevie Wonder has (above) their well-being is everything to me.

My Mother's Day quote for my mum would be: The smallest yet strongest woman I know with a big heart and an awful singing voice. Love you Mum.
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