Monday, 4 January 2016

Does Your Writing Have the X Factor?

After my recent post, which talked about how hard it was to knuckle down and keep on writing over a long period of time, (and thanks for the great advice by the way), I'm going to be facing even more pressure concerning my writing!
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At my next Creative Writing critique group there will be a literary agent at the meeting, checking out new talent. The facilitator of the group sent a note telling us to make sure we brought our finest writing. I was immediately thrown into that place in my head where I judge myself so harshly, I can't let anyone see what I've written.

Now I'm asking myself: Does my writing have the X Factor? Or even a regular 'Wow' factor?

Luckily, today, I had to give a blood sample. Well, not lucky because no one really enjoys having sharp instruments being jabbed into their arms - do they? But, it just so happened, the phlebotomist was someone who'd come along to an author event I did last year and bought my first novel, Holding Paradise . She'd taken it on holiday and read it on the beach and loved it!

How cool was that to hear on a chilly, and eerily quiet, January morning?

So, while I know I'll be nervous reading my work aloud with a literary agent in the room, I'll imagine that the alternative is being jabbed several times in the arm by sharp instruments. Surely then, reading aloud in front of a talent scout won't be so bad.

I just hope the literary agent is nothing like Simon Cowell.


  1. Wow Fran, scary but what a fantastic opportunity. Good luck!

  2. Has the meeting come and gone yet Fran?

    1. Yes it has. The meet up was the busiest its ever been and the agent was a no show! What a surprise :)