Thursday, 10 December 2015

Write! Keep Going

I feel like a hamster trapped in a wheel with all the writing I've done in 2015. I haven't counted how many words I've actually written but I'm sure I must have written at least four books worth of words this year alone.

And that still isn't enough! Seriously. What with all the ghost writing I do, the writing under a pseudonym, the submissions of my short story collection to publishers and the joint writing project for a series of children's books, I still haven't finished the edit of my second book, When Skies Are Grey. Some of you will know that I decided it wasn't finished and went in for a final edit.

That final edit is taking a long time to get through. Not because I'm not writing and being creative but because it is always last in my list of 'things I want to write.'

But, I did have a bit of a break through. The other night I rushed from a four hour rehearsal to my three hour writing critique group only to find that just three of us had turned up. Not only that, I had hurriedly written 900 words of the edit of When Skies Are Grey, that morning, to read to the group only to discover that I'd only have two opinions on my 900 word.

As it turned out those two opinions were the most helpful ones I've received in months! and they've helped fire me up again to continue with this edit.

I also read this article, which added to the creative process.

So what's next for 2016. My prediction is more of the same: Writing and then More Writing. I only hope I can keep going!

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