Monday, 5 October 2015

Pub Crawls to aid Creativity

Feeling a bit down and unable to write, I decided I'd go for a run to clear my head. It's worked for me in the past. Despite it being the Sunday morning after a late Saturday night, I realised I had to do something to help me complete my 2000 words a day quota for my ghost writing job. It must be noted that I do far fewer words on my own projects a day - but at least with ghost writing I get paid.

You might be wondering how a pub crawl comes into any of this. It does, but in a round about sort of way. My minimum run is 5K and that's how far I ran on Sunday. On the route I chose, it ocured to me that I pass several pubs. Seven to be exact. Eight if you count the Beehive which is just visible before I turn off for home.

Seven pubs. As I run by all these pubs, I catch my reflection and realise that I'm not actually running. I'm ambling and eventually I look like I'm crawling. And that's how my attempt to give myself a creativity boost becomes a pub crawl.

Yes, I was tired and, to be honest, I haven't run in a while. My running was slow and plodding and all because I'd left it too long between runs.

That said, I hadn't left long breaks in between writing but I was still having problems getting up to speed. With a ghost writing job, in fiction at least, sometimes the plots you are given can be so thin you could bump right into one because you didn't know it was there.

The run itself helped me look at the plot in a new light. I was able to see a way of crawling my way to the end of the dreadful storyline by adding some much needed detail. In another 6000 words, I would have fixed this dreadful story. Then I'll move on the next and hope to goodness I don't have to resort to another pub crawl to get the best out of another loose plot.


  1. You poor thing. Hope you are feeling better already, Fran. Unfortunately, I am not a runner but admire those who do. When I'm feeling blue, I tend to go on a cafe crawl and saunter through pretty villages from one coffee house to the next and people watch. Good luck with the next pub crawl - hopefully it will be enjoyable and less of a plod. You can do it!!

  2. Thanks Nicola. That 'pub crawl' took a lot out of me. I think I'm liking coffee house crawl better. I pass at least three on that running route.