Friday, 16 October 2015

Butterflies and Book Events

What always amazes me about having to speak publicly about my writing is how nervous I become before the event.

Yesterday evening I went to promote Holding Paradise at Isleworth Library, one of my local libraries, and I had the usual butterflies in my stomach. As usual I didn't pre-plan a talk, I just had a general idea of what I wanted to say and thought I'd go with the flow. I don't like going to talks where the speaker reads from a page, quite frankly, so I wasn't about to do that.

I have butterflies as I get ready to leave, on the journey there and just as I enter the venue. Then, as normally happens, the second I walk into the event, I'm fine; I start to speak and I forget all about the butterflies.

This was helped a lot by the fact that the participants were all fabulous. I was particularly thrilled to bits that one member of the audience had read my book in a day! She said she couldn't put it down. I loved that. I also secretly wished that another million of her existed because then I would be bestseller, right? Well a girl can dream can't she?

Below are a few pictures of my dream author event (sorry about the quality). I have another in a few weeks.

Bring on the butterflies...


  1. Great to see these pictures Fran. I can imagine you are brilliant at going with the flow and drawing your audience into the story. Hope whatever you're working on now is going well.
    I'm still so grateful for your suggestion on the cover for Shadow Child. Made all the difference.

    1. Hi Pamela - nice to hear from you. I must drop by your website and see what's happening with Shadow Child!