Thursday, 16 July 2015

Squeezing It All In – Making Space For Your Passions

Squeezing It All In – Making Space For Your Passions

About a year ago I submitted a post to Books By Women (follow link above). It was published around the time Holding Paradise was released.

I still get comments about the post so I thought I'd post it again here to see what you think! Comments below lovely reader:)

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Brain to Books Blog Tour

This summer, author Angela B Chrysler will be hosting the Brain To Books Blog Tour on her websites, Brain To Books and Angela B Chrysler

If you have not heard of this writer, then do hop over and check her out. Very few writers with as much experience as Angela take the time to help out other writers. Angela does - and she doesn't charge! But she gives up her time. Highly commendable I think.

Lots of authors are signed up for this tour to have their books and their interviews featured on the above sites and sites of the tour hosts. Originally this tour was set for August but will now start on 24th July (my spot is on 25th July).

To discover a wealth of writers you may not otherwise have heard of, then please, click on the links above and show some support!