Tuesday, 28 April 2015

X for Kiss

The A to Z Challenge always gets difficult when it comes to the last few letters of the alphabet. Like many of you might have done, I struggled when it came to X.

But this little letter is a symbol for many things. One of which is the the symbol for a kiss.

And how does that relate to my theme - my novel, When Skies Are Grey?

Well...There is a very significant kiss that marks the turning point in the story. This kiss should never have happened. The kissing couple were already in relationships with other people. But the kiss is discovered and there are repercussions.

It affects the relationships of many, not just the two people who exchanged bodily fluids. But can the two ever be forgiven by their significant others?


  1. Ah! Yes, the kiss! Always best to only kiss the people we're supposed to...

    1. That's what I do and it keeps me out of trouble... Thanks for stopping by, Hart!