Saturday, 25 April 2015

V for Voice

A quick post for any writers dropping in for the A to Z Challenge.

Just thought I'd share with you a few books on the subject of the writer's voice I found extremely helpful during my MA in Creative Writing. They helped me in the writing of my second novel, When Skies Are Grey, my theme for this year.

Alvarez, Al (2006), The Writer's Voice, London: Bloomsbury Publishing

Edgerton, Les (2003), Finding Your Voice: how to put personality in your writing, Ohio: Writers Digest Books

Lamott, Anne (1995), Bird by Bird, New York: First Anchor Books

Nestor, Theo Pauline (2013), Writing Is My Drink, New York: Simon & Schuster,

The latter is my favourite - but these are all great for new writers. If that's you then have fun finding your voice!


  1. Hi Fran, I couldn't find a 'like' button. Thanks for the bibliography. I wonder if you think a writer's 'voice' is a static thing? Do we have just one voice? I say this because I feel I have so many, depending what I'm writing.

  2. Hi Lucy. I think once you have discovered your voice you learn how to adapt it depending on what you are writing. Take it from a ghost writer, writer with a pseudonym and now co-writing a children's book. I know that I am me behind the style I choose but my 'voice' chooses the words for that style, the sentences I think it should have etc. Does that make sense? No 'Like' button on Blogger but you can Tweet (button at top of page).

  3. Fran, thank you for sharing these books for writers. I used to be quite a collector of these types of books, but right now I'd rather paint!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!