Thursday, 23 April 2015

T for Terry Collins

Interview with lead character, Terry Collins from When Skies Are Grey:

Terry is the owner of The Pelican Public House, a focal point of the novel. He's a jazz fanatic who vowed to have live jazz music in his pub ever since hearing a certain song on the radio.

Terry, we all know you love jazz and there's live music playing every Friday night at The Pelican but what else is special about the place?

At the pub everyone can come together and be friends under one roof, despite all the tensions in the area. Doesn't matter what colour you are, what you had for breakfast, you'll always be welcome there.

There's something about you, though, that draws people to you. What would you say that quality is in you?

Maybe it's because I'm a family man. I stick up for my own, I support them and back them all the way. People can trust me because I wouldn't lie to anyone.

But your kindness has backfired on you hasn't it?

That's true. Maybe because I don't go looking to deceive, it's easy for people to pull the wool over my eyes. And they did. I learned the hard way that people aren't always what they seem. My wife lied to me and so did my best friend. 

Do you think you'll ever recover from the hurt that those closest to you have caused?

I hope so but on a positive note I still have the pub and I still have someone who loves me.

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