Tuesday, 21 April 2015

R for Rayna Dawes

An interview with the lead character of When Skies Are Grey

What brought you, a young girl on her own, to 1950s London all the way from the sunny Caribbean?

I needed something new for my life. I wanted to start again and not go back. The Caribbean is sunny but they were not sunny days for me. In London I could be anyone I wanted to be.

How did you find music and achieve the great career you have now?

It was just by chance. I found The Pelican and took a job as a waitress. A great jazz musician heard me sing there. He taught me all he knew and I was very lucky to have a supportive husband. Not to mention the friends who became like family to me.

With all you know about the price of fame, what would you advise your daughter if she wanted to follow you into the music business?

I would say to make sure you are tough enough. It isn't all bright lights and glamour and your personal life doesn't stay on hold. You have to be able to balance both. 

You seem to have a problem with trust - do you put that down to not being a trustworthy person?

I made mistakes in my life, I admit that. I let people down and I got found out. Those things will haunt me forever. But I hope one day my family will forgive those mistakes and maybe my fans will too.

After twenty years of success and being at the top of her career, Rayna Dawes played what could have been her last concert, and the lies still haunt her.

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