Monday, 20 April 2015

Q for Quotation

As I'm talking about When Skies Are Grey for a month (yes a whole month!), I thought I'd add a quotation. Here's a small passage my writer's critique group all seemed to like:

Rayna smiled. She caught the look on Terry's face. He was miles away from whatever words the blonde was whispering into his ear and just as distant from the crowd, his body rocked in a steady pulsing movement to a bass drum in his mind alone. He had not touched the whisky she'd placed at the table for him. She followed his eyes to the stage. From there, Eddie Keane lifted the mouthpiece and winked at her before blowing long and seductively through the reeds.


  1. Sounds lovely, Fran! Best of luck with your debut novel.

  2. Excellent. I like the way you show the elements unfolding in your story.

    1. Thanks Spacerguy for dropping in and leaving a comment!

  3. Terry sounds like he's in a world of his own.