Monday, 13 April 2015

K for Kill

Wait a minute, that doesn't mean that When Skies Are Grey  just became a murder mystery novel. It still remains within the Women's Fiction/General Fiction genres.

I'm referring to the death of one of my characters.

The Rubber BandNot to be confused with the William Faulkner quote - "In writing, you must kill your darlings." Which I discovered is to do with deleting passages in your writing to make for a better reader experience (even though you thought it was a work of genius), and has nothing to do with having one of your favourite characters whacked over the head with an iron bar on the way to the pub.

But, sadly it was one of my favourite characters I killed off. It wasn't gratuitously either. It was all to do with the journey my lead character was on and the loss bore significance to that. I have to admit, though, each time I did a draft and read it, I cried. Yes I know I wrote it and I knew it was coming up, but I felt sad all the same.

I once read an interview with a literary agent in which she said, if you read your own work and it makes you laugh out loud or makes you cry, then she wants to see it. Is that a test of good writing? Who knows. But have you ever read your work and thought, 'Hey, that's pretty cool'? Or worse, looked at it and thought, 'What the hell was I thinking'? If your answer is yes to the latter - you know what to do...


  1. Hi Fran
    Well done for getting to K so quickly and for making your posts so interesting. I love it when you can read some of your own writing and get really emotional. Your books sounds good!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Linda. I'm excited about the book - just hope at least 1 million people feel the same way. I'd have a best seller then!!