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J for Jazz

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There's lots of jazz in When Skies Are Grey. From jazz fanatic, pub owner Terry Collins to the Eddie Keane's jazz band who play at the pub once a week. It's the music that leads Rayna towards her new career as a singer.

The jazz band that unites the pub goers every Friday at the Pelican Public House are all from the West Indies. I particularly wanted to draw attention to the fact that during the 1930s, 40s, 50s and onwards, there were a lot of West Indian jazz musicians, touring the globe who were very influential in the world of jazz music.

Usually we here of all the American players and the big names from Europe but a lot of talent came from those small islands.

For example Joe Harriott, a Jamaican jazz musician and composer, whose principal instrument was the alto saxophone. Initially a bebopper, he became a pioneer of free-form jazz.

Notable musicians who played with Joe and went on to perform, tour and record with big names such as Django Reinhadrt and Quincy Jones, included saxophonist, Harold Mcnair and bass player Coleridge Goode.

Cooleridge Goode
Cooleridge Goode (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hailing from Dominica (my lead character, Rayna Dawes was born there) is Eric Allandale a trombonist who came to England and became a powerful jazz master in his time. 

Many jazz musicians coming from Jamaica might have gone to the Alpha Boys School from which several high flyers in jazz had gone to study.

We have to keep the A-Z Challenge posts short but I could go on and on. I researched this area a good deal before writing When Skies Are Grey and I'd encourage anyone interested in jazz musicians to follow the links and follow whatever links they may lead you to, and discover more.

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