Friday, 10 April 2015

I for Identity

How many times did Shakespeare have a character dress differently in order to fool another character into thinking that he or she was someone else. I think I could list about three plays - how about you?

Well. I'm no Shakespeare but I do play around with this idea of identity quite a lot in When Skies Are Grey.
I don't achieve this by having any of my characters change gender, wear masks or anything as dramatic as that. But what I do is have at least two of them change their name in order for them to pass a someone else.

In one instance it is because she is escaping her past, for another character, she changes her name when she arrives on the scene in order seek revenge. For another she just liked the name better than her own and thought it might make her a better person!

For each of these characters changes in identity was necessary for each to achieve their aim. But how can you then continue to trust that person when their cover is blown and the truth comes out?

At some stage or another the true identity of each of my characters is revealed and sometimes with devastating consequences.
Any other Shakespeare plays you can come with where disguise is used? Do let me know.

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  1. I'm not a Shakespeare expert, but someone a few places above you on the list is blogging A to Z about Shakespeare.