Tuesday, 7 April 2015

F for Family

I wondered what use I could make of this letter and realised I talk about family quite a bit throughout the novel - although the word Family seems to be synonymous with the word Dysfunctional when it comes to When Skies Are Grey.

When one or two of the characters try to escape their own families, they find themselves taken in by one that works for them.

For example, Rayna finds herself welcomed by the colourful Chester family when she is forced to run away from the clutches of her landlord. But she later finds that as comfortable as it is within the Chester household, the family isn't all it seems.

Find a FamilyWe see also a tug of love as Ruby's very happy home is suddenly taken from her and she has to choose between a posh Notting Hill house and the flat above the pub, where she was born and raised.

I hope I haven't painted family life in the novel as all doom and gloom. There are some tender moments and in many respects, all members of the cast have someone they can depend on and a sense of family, even if it isn't conventional.


  1. Family is so important, even sense of family if there is nothing else.

    Thank you for commenting on the painting I did for today's post. That's what I love about abstract art. Everyone sees it in his or her own context, perhaps inspired by family background.

  2. Families are complicated, and it would be impossible to truly paint a family in a story and not add a hue of dark, or more than one, so I'm sure your description reads real. I enjoyed visiting and reading your post. Thank you.
    Silvia @
    Silvia Writes

  3. Family makes for a good theme in any kind of story. Lots of dynamics going on.

  4. Family can be very important for defining your identity, even if they're unconventional as you mention here!

    1. To a certain extent I would agree with that Nick. Thanks for reading and commenting.