Wednesday, 18 February 2015

In It To Win It!

As I come close to finalising the editing stages of my second novel and before I try to publish my collection of short stories, I was advised to enter some writing competitions. The idea being that if I should win a competition or at least be a runner up, it will improve my writer profile, enhance my writer platform and so help with increasing my readership. Having a winner's status is supposed to give me the edge over other writers.

I like that idea but what a gamble that is. It could take years to ever win a single competition. You know how many entries the competition officials must receive per competition?

I admit I am not very good at keeping up this side of the writer experience. I mean I must have entered less than a handful of competitions in my life and I've only ever achieved a 'Highly Commended' status on a short story. That's all. And I'm not sure anyone cares about that so much as if you were the winner.

But which competitions should I enter? I was under the impression that anything less than winning the major awards wouldn't be worth having. I really can't be sure so this is my year for entering some competitions. As many as I can or can afford. Let's face it, they're not all free. So I'll tot up what I spend compared to results. Being a runner up is good enough for me, though, I have to say.

So now I'm going to be in it to win it. I've entered one for January and there's another deadline due in February and then one in April. I'm covering as many bases as I can.

Yes, it's a chance I take and yes, I do stand to have a lot of disappointment this year but...what if...