Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The End Is Near

Well, not quite the end...

Having put a hold on all of my freelance writing contracts, I'm keen to finally finish the first draft of my second novel, When Skies Are Grey (working title), and I'm almost there!

The title of my second novel is very appropriate for today. I'm in London and we're in for some stormy, rainy weather so what better way to spend the next few days but to sit, glued to my laptop and write.

My creative brain has been split into several directions as I've been ghost writing stories for other people. So, I'm dedicating this time and using all of my creative energy on my own project.

It's a very exciting prospect to get to the end of the first draft but then all the hard work begins.

I remember what it was like writing Holding Paradise. At the end of the first draft I was far from finished. The editing process began. It was the time for making harsh choices in terms of the narrative, plot lines, dialogue etc. Not all of your original ideas make it to the final draft and it was hard giving up certain scenes and characters to get to the end project.

I think I will be a lot tougher when it comes to killing off my darlings this time. I know how important it can be to the final product and became a lot better at listening to and being able to use constructive criticism.

So, no more staring out into this grey and miserable London sky, it's back to the writing. This book won't write itself!


  1. Dear Fran,
    Enjoy the journey. Lots of luck. (but do hurry up - I can't wait to read it :))
    All the best

  2. Thanks Nicola! I'm getting there - I promise:)

  3. Best wishes with that second novel, Fran. If only it would write itself, eh?

    1. Absolutely. I do enjoy the writing process, mind you. I've given myself word count limits and I might well have finished that first draft this week!