Thursday, 18 September 2014

Meeting Those Deadlines

There's nothing like a nice break and my 'Big Fat Blogging Break' was nothing like a nice break!

I have been hard at it. I finally handed in my dissertation *big cheer* and I couldn't be more relieved. Problem is, I keep looking over my shoulder, thinking I've left something behind only to realise that what I'm searching for is the thing that has been keeping me up all night - the dreaded dissertation. It's over and done with and I will never use the word, dissertation, ever again amongst friends and family. They must also be sick of me ranting and raving about it. That ends here.

So, what next for me then? Is there life after the big D?

Fortunately, yes there is. I had to turn writing jobs away in the last few weeks but now I have three on the go. All of them ghost writing jobs of various descriptions and lengths and varying deadlines for completion.

Then there is the big deadline - finishing my own novel. When Skies Are Grey is still at first draft stage and I'm desperate to get it finished by January so I can start sending it off to various agents.

Plus I have another deadline that has been waiting in the wings. That is to have my collection of stories edited so that I can self-publish them. It might be adventurous of me but my deadline is Valentine's Day 2015. As the collection begins with a split narrative, love story that spans a period between 1896 and 1926, it would be nice to have it ready for then.

For those of you who don't know, these stories are a follow up to my debut novel, Holding Paradise, and if you haven't picked up a copy from here, here or here then you better get a move on so you can follow what happens with some of the Holding Paradise characters next. The collection of stories is called The Long Way Home and includes two novellas and three longish, short stories.

Now, because my mother-in-law tells me that I take on too much and that is why I'm a borderline insomniac, that has to be it for the big deadlines - for now!

I will spend time talking about the characters and themes of all of the above and would love to get your feedback if you have read Holding Paradise or are interested in any of the stories I have talked about.

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