Monday, 19 May 2014

Chasing The Dream

My last post sparked a lot of interest and got lots of hits. It seems, by what the Tweets were saying, that people need inspiration, however it comes, to keep them motivated and working towards their goals.

IMG_4265In my last post I talked about all the things I plan to do in the short term to get me nearer to my long term dreams. This post is about one of the biggest things that inspires me and keeps me focused and keeps me going. It's my youngest son - he is a keen swimmer and his dream is to swim for Team GB one day. 

If you don't know, the training that these swimmers do is strenuous, intensive and time consuming. It means lots of early nights and very early starts in the morning. Training before and after school twice a week with up to 8 sessions a week for my son who has just turned 14.

He has been chasing National times which is the next stage for him to get closer to that Team GB dream. It is always a tough ask because of where his birthday falls he has to achieve a time in year group above his or in a year group in which he has only just hit that age.

Well, this weekend we celebrated the achievement of his first National time! He feels epic, is looking confident and ready to do battle with some more National times in the months to follow. This summer he goes to Nationals with, so far, at least one individual event and not just in the relay team as he did last year.

I look at all the things I want to achieve (one of them being going for a run and then doing the shopping which is what I should be getting ready to do but I had to write this post!) and I look at my son - my inspiration - and I want to work that bit harder.

My life is my training session until I get the things I want. And I've just got to dig in, even when it seems like an impossible dream, and do my best to get all the things that I talked about in my last post, The Next Big Chapter.

Have an inspired week folks!
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