Saturday, 26 April 2014

Winner of the Holding Paradise Giveaway

Well the Launch Party has ended but the effects of the champagne and the extra supply by a good friend late last night are still with me.

Thank you to everyone who dropped by here yesterday or supported me on Facebook or Twitter and to the wonderful writer Elizabeth Hein on her blog!

So - just a quick post to announce the winner of the copy of Holding Paradise!

It goes to Showbi and I'll repeat her entry here. I chose it because it was quite touching and heartfelt and maybe a little different to what I was expecting:

Attached are just a few of my photos of an idea of paradise.....I say ‘an idea of paradise’ because what is paradise really?  Yes it’s a beautiful place, a peaceful scene and setting and I’ve captured that in many of my photos during my several travels  to destinations far and wide which I have been very fortunate to do.  But what is one person’s paradise is not another’s and of course vice versa.  This little beautiful lady I met on a lovely beach in Sri Lanka touched me deeply and I still think of her.  She worked hard on this beach everyday with a smile trying to earn a little for her family and granddaughter, whom I met.  I have fond memories of them during the brief few days I was there.  People passed her by, as happens I know in many countries, hurrying to enjoy their own bit of paradise, freedom and relaxation during their hard earned holiday .  And don’t get me wrong - rightly so to enjoy the beautiful tranquillity of an idyllic location and not want to be harassed by ‘sellers’, but this lady didn’t do that.  I approached her and during our conversations I learned of her ideas of paradise.  We also talked of her struggles, fears, hopes and happiness.   During this holiday I also read your lovely book ‘Holding Paradise’ and I was touched and reflected on how along with this dear lady selling her wares for her family’s better future, on a beach in a certain part of paradise, that no matter where you are, around the globe, ‘Paradise’, although it can be a location, it is also the same worldwide deep feeling, no matter where you are,  and holds the strong emotions I felt in your book..........that  of love, deep commitment to family and loved ones, a feeling if you are lucky enough to have you want to keep and hold.

Stop Press:

This weekend the Kindle version of Holding Paradise is reduced in price. Why not download a copy? Here are some links:

Amazon Kindle UK - Click Here
Amazon Kindle US - Click Here 

For the old school who prefer a paperback (but sorry not reduced price) Click Here and Here

Thanks again to Everyone


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  1. Fran, I hope you launch went better than expected. Congratulations on getting your book published!

  2. Thank you Kat - I enjoyed myself and got some lovely Tweets and FB comments! Hope all is well with you.

  3. Hi Fran......oohh that's great I'm glad I won the prize, how exciting. Thank you. I've also bought a copy of your book in support and to give as a present.
    Best wishes, Showbi

    1. I really appreciate the support Showbi, thank you!