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Author Interview - Yawatta Hosby

It is my pleasure to welcome author Yawatta Hosby to my blog and to thank her for the insightful answers to the questions I put to her today.

What was the thing that influenced you to start writing?

When I was 8, I loved to draw. I always created paper dolls, cutting them out and creating different scenarios for them. After awhile, I thought it would be cool to write dialogue, like a screenplay, for my characters' interactions with one another. From there, I found the love of creating stories. I carried notepads and pencils with me wherever I went.

Tell me your success stories in terms of publishing/self-publishing.

Deciding to self-publish, I knew things would start out slow. I studied the statistics so am pretty realistic in what I could earn and how many readers may actually find my books. I don't think of gaining thousands of sales as the only factor in an author's success. To me, just the fact that I'm vulnerable enough to put my work out there for the world to see is an accomplishment. There was a time when I only wrote for myself, and no one could even take a peek at my rough drafts.

I also think success comes from readers taking the time to leave a book review without the author asking them to. It always puts a smile on my face when I wake up to a surprise review. I'm grateful to any reader who finds my books or my writer's blog.

What are your top writing tips for any aspiring writer?

  • Self-publishing is a marathon, not a race. There’s no guarantee that your books will find an audience unless you learn to market yourself. And even then, it may not amount to anything. Don’t give up. The beauty of self-publishing is that your books are available online forever unless you choose to take them down. Build your platform. Get a following. You may not get noticed until your 4th or 5th book.
  • Just because you start publishing one way doesn’t mean that will be your entire writing career path. For example, if you self-publish, you can try the trade route. If you trade published, you can try self-publishing in genres your agent doesn’t want to work with. Research whatever you decide. Weigh the pros and cons. Then take it from there.
  • Protect your writing time. Non-writers don’t understand the importance of when you’re jotting down things in your notebook or when your eyes are glued on the computer screen. They don’t think that’s working, but it is. You’re creating stories. Or editing. It gets old really fast when someone keeps interrupting you or keeps making plans during your writing schedule, forcing you to choose between them or your writing. Let your friends and family know your writing schedule, so they know when to respect your time. Trust me, they’ll test you. Just stay firm.
What are you working on now?

Right now, I'm working on a suspenseful novella. I just got feedback from all 3 of my beta-readers, so I'm ready to revise, then find an editor. I was considering calling the book Trapped: A Novella, but one of my betas pointed out that the title may be too vague. I'm considering changing the title, so it ties into the story more. It's about an obsessive man willing to do anything to get the family he deserves.

What do you draw on for inspiration?

I love drawing inspiration from music. I can listen to a particular song over and over again when I'm writing a particular scene. I always produce a song list whenever I'm working on a new book. I also get inspiration from real life events and my favorite scenes from TV and movies. I'm a huge couch potato :)

Please tell me anything else you'd like the reader to know about you.

I love reading! I became a book reviewer, so I could find different books I may not have considered before. My favorite genres are thrillers, horror, mystery, and women's fiction. I would have never tried a scary book if it wasn't for my reading challenge. I search for books by my blogging buddies or through Goodreads and other reader/writer forums. I'm a firm believer in authors supporting other authors.

Thank you Yawatta.
And here are some links to Yawatta's books:

One By One  -  On Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords

Something's Amiss  -  On Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords

And to keep up to date with Yawatta, her work and her words then do check out her Website and her Blog

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  1. Music inspires me for particular scenes as well! Thanks for this interview, I really enjoyed it.

    1. Hi Star,

      Thanks for liking my interview. What genre do you write? What's your favorite type of music?

      Keep smiling,

    2. Hi Star,

      I'm happy you liked my interview. What genre do you write in? What's your favorite type of music?

      Keep smiling,

  2. Thank you for letting me be a guest on your blog!

    Keep smiling,

    1. You are very welcome, Yawatta. Come back any time!