Thursday, 6 March 2014

Marketing Your Book

Holding Paradise is out soon so I'm nervous and excited, *does a cartwheel* woohoo! (Actually this is a virtual cartwheel as I just had a big lunch).

So, I am an amateur at this d├ębut novel business but I know a fair amount of my time has to be spent marketing the said book. But I seem to be spending more time reading about how to market a book than I do actually marketing it.
Firstly I'm supposed to be on Twitter for half an hour a day. Not selling my book but talking about it. In just 141 characters? Sadly I've failed the first hurdle.

Secondly I should be building up my author platform. Well there's this blog but I don't have all the other stuff the experts mention like, Pinterest, Instagram and so on. Oh, but I did get a new Facebook page - so not a complete failure. It could do with a few Likes as it looks lonely and sad right now

Thirdly I need some kind of launch party. Check! I'm having a launch party! It's coming soon and so are the details. Which brings me to my next 'uncheck' - I haven't designed the invitations... But I'm working on it.

Another big Check in my favour is the organising of a blog tour. This will be announced soon and you'll be able to discover some new blog hosts while this goes on, not to mention some giveaways. Excited? Well that makes two of us.

See you soon.
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  1. That's really interesting. I never thought about how much time marketing takes. I hope it goes well! Looking forward to online launch party! :3

    1. Too much for me - all I really want to do is write and make music. See you at the launch! x

    2. That made me laugh. See you at the launch! Looking forward to it!