Monday, 17 March 2014

Holding Paradise - Launch Party Preparations

Being excited six weeks before a party is normal, right? I've sent out the invitations, I've given the party a theme - nothing else for me to do is there? Oh yes, mustn't forget the booze.

When I told my friend that the launch party for Holding Paradise was a virtual one she did feel cheated. "What no real champagne?" she said with a pitying look in her eye. So then she decided that she will be sitting with me next to my laptop on the day of the party with some real champagne! I can't grumble about that. She can also control how much I consume as the party does last twelve hours!

If you haven't RSVP'd yet (and yes you are invited) then here's the place with all the party details and how you can join the fun.

More things to be excited about!

I had my first book review from Sophie Hedley of Been There, Read That Reviewed the Book and you can read it here...

With all this excitement, I think I need that champagne now.

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