Thursday, 9 January 2014

Running For Inspiration

On a recent blog post the questions where do you write, at what time and what inspires you to write were asked. I don't have one definitive answer to any of the above but I do know that when I run, I get lots of ideas for both my music and my writing.

I know (and my thighs will back me up on this) that I have not been taking my running seriously since about September. Pretty bad, I know. But I have been writing, promise. I woke up this morning thinking about my 10k runs along the Thames and all the ideas for stories and songs that came to me in those 50 odd minutes of running. But I knew a 10k was beyond me. If I got as far as the High Street, 2 minutes away, I'd be lucky. Maybe I could come up with a character name in that time.

So the running garb came out and on to a very weary body. I planned to do my short run of about 6k towards Kew Bridge. Probably not realistic but I could always walk home or catch a bus if I put my Oyster card in my running tights back pocket.

Well the weather was great and once I'd gotten into my stride ideas for novel two were coming. I'd been absent from writing the novel because of assignments due in for Uni but I was finding my way back to my story and the characters were floating back to mind.

English: River Thames, Basildon Looking across...

By the halfway mark I was definitely flagging but by that time I'd already envisaged the end scenes which were just vague ideas but became so visual I nearly ran into the lampost at my half way mark. (Although that may well have been exhaustion). Needless to say, I walked most of the way back and then ran again once closer to home so my neighbours would think I was fit!

But I liked those days of regular running and finding my way through plots and coming up with ideas. And it doesn't stop there. Tonight I will do yoga and meditate my way to a trilogy!

Happy Writing
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