Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Year Of Doing Nothing

A New Year approaches and a mirror is put in front of our faces so that we can reflect on the year that has passed and resolve to make the next year bigger, better, faster, stronger (or maybe I'm confusing new year resolutions with the Six Million Dollar Man). But anyway, as you go hurtling into 2014 is it with a sense of 'look out world I'm coming' or are you just up for more of the same old same old.

I'm very tempted to list a string of resolutions that will make me a better person, a slimmer person, a happier person and maybe even one who can afford to pay the rent. But do I need the added pressure?

As it is I've already accumulated several caps for this one head, have one too many irons in the fire and rely too heavily on cliches for my own good. So for 2014 I have only one resolution and that is to do everything. Now that might sound pretty vague or that doing everything is too much for one person so maybe I should explain my thinking.

It struck me that during this year I spent a lot of it saying that I have so much to do, so much to think about and not enough time. But then I thought about all the times I sat procrastinating, watching a crap film or television programme, read a dodgy book to the end just because I started it or sat talking about the things I want to do instead of just getting up and doing them. So this is where everything comes into it.

I could do everything if I cut out the rot. I will stop wasting time planning, pondering, dreaming, hoping or wishing and just do.

With this attitude, in 2014 it will mean writing new songs, finishing my second novel, having a fabulous launch party for my first novel and finding myself an agent.

So in 2014 if you make a new year's resolution to do one thing - make it everything.

Happy New Year!
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  1. I loved that post! I find the above very true, I procrastinated quite a bit. There's a lot of goals I'm going to try harder to reach this year. Thanks for posting!

    1. My pleasure and I hope 2014 takes you closer to your goals Star!

  2. Maybe you're right...maybe we should all be reaching for the stars because if we don't we will never get off the ground. Puts my 'lose-a-stone-before-April' resolution into perspective. I shall think again and good luck with the second novel. I'm in the same position.

  3. Thanks Bridget and good luck to you with your novel too. Keep me posted! Have a fabulous 2014:)