Saturday, 9 November 2013

When The Writing Gets Tough

On Writing
I'm at that sticky first draft stage with my second novel and trying to get to the finish so that the real writing can begin. I seem to be reading an awful lot of books about how to write a novel but seem to be avoiding the main issue of actually just writing the blessed thing! [Note: On Writing by Stephen King is quite a good one.]

I still have a few books in the wings that tell me how to write but nothing beats just getting down to it. My plot is straightforward but I have lots of characters so every now and again it seems a bit too much. This week I got tough on my plot and characters and tried to get them all in shape. I'm seeing some good results.

My list on how to stop dithering and WRITE:
  1. Turn off all Social Media, the TV, your family, the oven and the phone (land & especially mobile).
  2. Stopping for cakes and chocolate (add wine and any self indulgent treats to this list) is not a way to limber up the brain for writing.
  3. Re-examine the plot.
  4. Name your characters, write their CV onto a post card. Write another post card detailing what happens to them.
  5. Write out main events in the story still to cover.
  6. Write out minor events in the story still to cover.
  7. Write these events into chapters.
  8. Voila, your fist draft is complete.
  9. Leave it to simmer.
  10. Read it all through and gear up to starting the second draft.
  11. Pat yourself on the back and eat comfort foods (but don't get carried away) then get ready for the real writing to begin.
I hope this helps you - it certainly helped me. Everyone is out this evening and I can't wait to write some more.

Happy Writing Folks!
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