Wednesday, 31 July 2013

This Writer's Inspired!

Well, if you check out the date of my last post and the date of this you'll see that something has definitely been amiss. The same lack of writing has also taken it's toll on the progress of the current novel I'm writing. I'm about half way and just came to a standstill. I wouldn't say it was writer's block exactly - I just ran out of momentum.

I think one reason was because I had a re-think about the plot and questioned every idea that came to mind. What I should have done was to just keep writing. That's always worked for me in the past but I think I was over analysing every word I wanted to write.

This morning I read a post from a writer who, like me, did the A-Z April Challenge and her words have inspired me to open that word doc and bring my characters out of hibernation.

If you want to read the words that inspired me - especially if you've let the writing take a back seat - then I would encourage it.

The blogger is called Amy Burle and she says Write! Write! Write!

And that's just what I'm going to do.

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