Thursday, 30 May 2013

Fay Weldon Speaks Up For Creative Writing

If creativity can’t be taught, the invaluable craft of writing can, says novelist and Bath Spa professor
Patrick Welham opinion illustration (2 May 2013)

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Fay Weldon speaks up for creative writing | Opinion | Times Higher Education

My View:

I strongly feel that the best writers are the ones with truck loads of creativity and imagination. It doesn't matter how many creative writing courses you go on, although you may grasp the mechanics of how to structure a story and what gives impact etc, you will only be a great writer if you have a great story to tell. And that takes creativity which comes from something within. I believe that creative writing courses and the experience of writing can bring out the best in you but there had to be some spark of creativity in order to ignite it.

Tell me what you think!

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  1. Hi Fran. Some writers appear to be better at tapping into this creativity, but without basic skills it's not likely they will ever make it out of the slush pile. You make a good point and I wish more published writers would speak on this subject.

  2. Hi Sharon - yes I agree, the basic skills need to be there. It really is an all round thing and of course being able to market your book well!