Thursday, 4 April 2013

What Every Writer Is Carrying this Season

Dedicated. Is that how you would describe yourself as a writer? It's something I think I am and if you look in my bag I can prove it. You know why? Because I'm carrying a notebook, of course.

As writers we are often told to carry a notebook. For me I add 'and a pen that works' to that as I've come unstuck a few times when I've been out and about and an idea for a scene, a character or storyline has come to me.

The notebook has proved invaluable. In the past I have had to scribble notes along the side of a bookmark and a  fraying piece of tissue paper before. I would set off each day saying 'I must buy a note book, must buy a notebook' and come home without one. Now that I've got my act together I have quite a few. I have a different notebook for each project, if you like. For example, the notebook I carried around for my collection of short stories. The one for my random ideas. The one I carry around for my current novel is pretty fancy.

Notebooks are a handy filing system so that you don't have to rely on memory. I've found that I've written things down that I've forgotten all about and can resurrect and use at a later date. What ever system you want to adopt, your notebook is a great way of ensuring your fabulous ideas are never lost.

Of course now that it's 2013, there are lots of fancy, digital ways you can record your thoughts and ideas. Any Smartphone can help you out with that. I'm an old fashioned girl in some respects and I prefer to have my notebook next to me and my pen jiggling between my fingers just before those nuggets of inspiration come filtering through.

As a song writer I do the same thing but with my faithful MP3 player. When I have a song idea and can't get to my keyboard or switch the studio on, I hit the 'record' button on the little handheld MP3 and away I go, singing my idea.

I have a notebook next to my bed. I can switch on the light and jot if an idea comes to me in the middle of the night. That happens a lot actually. My only problem the next morning is trying to decipher my writing.

Next to my laptop, I write with a notebook a pen and Post Its on my desk. My notebooks are part of my writing tools and I really don't know how I could cope without them.

Happy Writing folks!

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  1. couldnt put it better myself- notebooks are such a brill tool for writers :) i too find it hard to read my writing the morning after!

  2. I agree with you that notebooks are essential for writers. I don't think that smartphones will ever be able to fully replace how great it feels to scribble notes and ideas with the classic pen and pad.

    Chontali Kirk

    1. I agree with you there. I love to scribble. Thanks for dropping by Chontali

  3. I'm a pad-carrying girl too. Never know when a thought will work it's way to the top. ;)