Monday, 22 April 2013

Struggling With Your Pitch to a Literary Agent?

Supported and Supportive is my 's' word for the today's A-Z Challenge.

As I prepare for the 2013 Winchester Writers' Conference in June I'll have a couple of appointments with agents and will have to send a them a pitch.

Another 's' word came up several times whilst trying to write this pitch. Yes. Stress. It's not easy to write a pitch. Not for me anyway. So a writer friend (who was facing the same problem) and I got together over a weekend. Each session we worked on the pitch of one and the next day the other. Two heads instead of one. By the end of the two sessions we both had pitches we could be proud of.

I had looked at several of the 'How To Write a Pitch Letter' type guides on line and decided to use the one in the Mslexia website. (It's also worth having a look at this one by Nathan Bransford)

If you haven't got someone to bounce ideas off then both of the above are really useful.
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  1. Well the very best of luck to you with your pitch letter!! When I get to that point in life, they either read what I send to them to read with a cover letter and love it, or leave it! I recently read a couple of weeks ago about a 17 yr old that just wrote and wrote, she pounded out a book, put it up on the internet and was picked up with a million dollar contract by Random House! What a pitch!!

  2. Nice tips and worth my looking into. It's something that I can see being a bit stressful, as you said! Haven't done one yet, though.

  3. Ahh, if only the pitching were half as fun as the writing.

    Have fun with a-z.

  4. Thanks for the website links. I too struggle with pitches. Hope you're enjoying A to Z