Wednesday, 3 April 2013

So Much Writing So Little Time

Challenged. My status for today. It could really be my status for everyday and the reason why I might look dazed and confused sometimes. You see I have several hats that I wear and, being me, I try to do them all to the best of my ability. So I learn how to juggle. Women are experts in multi-tasking, it's true, but my life is much more complicated for me than keeping a few balls in the air. I have to ride a uni-cycle, wear flipper sized shoes and balance a plate on the end of my nose and still keep those ball up there!

I'll name just a few and only a few of my roles so you can see where I'm coming from. I'm a singer/songwriter, I'm a vocal coach, a wife, mother and carer and more. And now I add writer to that list. I do like the sound of that new title but taking it on has opened up a bigger, broader set of skills I must learn, things I must get done and people I need to meet if I want to be a success at it.

As challenging as all of the above seems to be, I wouldn't trade any of them and I certainly couldn't see myself, say, dropping music to be able to write more. Maybe some might think that I'm not dedicated as a writer but I can't drop the things I love to do. This year, not only does my first novel come out but my second album is also due to be released. I can see myself arranging a book launch and album release party in venues across the road from each other and rushing from one side of the road to the other. But you can guarantee that I will be singing my heart out on the stage and rushing back to my book launch with equal enthusiasm. I suppose with so many things to challenge me I can only hope that everyone around me agrees that I'm getting it all right!

So yes I have a lot on my plate but what is life without a challenge?

A couple of helpful tips to consider:

How does a writer manage their time when there are so many other things to do? Are you writing solidly or do you have a day job and write on the side? What did you have to give up so that you could write? Tell me what works for you.
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  1. Fran,

    I feel like this post could be written about me (except I only sing in the car alone) and so many other women I know. Good luck with your record and your book.

    What is the name of your novel and your album?


    1. Thanks for dropping by, Kate. My novel is called Holding Paradise and the album is called Beautiful People. Both will be available in the autumn of 2013. Very excited!