Saturday, 6 April 2013

My Writing Competition Shortlister Dream

Flat. That's the only word that can describe it. I've been waiting for days to hear news of two writing competitions that I entered. One was BBC Radio 4's Opening Lines Submissions and the other was the Writers' and Artists' Short Story Competition 2013. I didn't make the shortlist for either.

We are always hopeful that something great will happen. I would love to make even the shortlist of something one day. But, as everyone I've talked to says, it's a tough business and you've just got to keep trying.

Now, usually I would reach for the biscuit tin or pop out for the biggest bar of dark chocolate I can find but I decided not to, Instead I thought I'd share this success story with you in case you missed this one. It makes me feel much more positive a thing to do than sit and pile on the pounds!

I'll put  this on my 'to read list'. Incidently - I've got my eye on another competion in May. Fingers Crossed.

Anyone here with a recent success to share? Let's hear it.



  1. I hope you hear from them soon Fran!

    1. Here's hoping! Thanks for dropping by Maurice.

  2. I've been trying to get the Beeb to take me seriously, too, but not so far. . . Well, and at least I won Table Read My Screenplay and have a director/producer in NY somewhat interested in my latest script. Fingers crossed!

    Best of luck to you!


    1. Wow - sounds exciting and very very hopeful. I'll keep everything crossed for you M!