Saturday, 27 April 2013

I Heart Writing - Fact

Writing journal
When embarking on the A-Z Challenge at the beginning of the month I thought a theme would give the challenge purpose but of course I wanted to stick to the subject of writing. What would be the point in writing about chocolate? As much as I love it, I'd get stuck once I got to X, which is where we are today.  I chose the theme of feelings and emotions.

So, the letter 'X' and feelings, huh? Easy - xoxo!

That's how I feel about writing. Weeks ago at my Writers' Workshop someone asked the question 'why do you write?' and one person said 'because I want to be published.' It was important to her that publication would have to follow as there would be no point otherwise. Well aside from that (and lets face it, most writers want to be published) you have to love it too.

I think if you love what you are doing, and I don't necessarily mean writing now, it will show in what you produce. You will put everything you have into what you do and people will find that passion spilling out of your words, your music, your painting - or whatever else it is. If you don't love what you do, then what's the point?
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  1. So true. You know, I love writing because I get to share all the funky characters in my head--almost like make-believe. Other people get to come play along! So maybe I never grew up, or this is my coping method for becoming and adult. Either way, it makes me happy. =)

  2. Love this post --- Graham Greene called it the writer's curse. Just something you have to do....I chose a rather eccentric guide to literary devices as my theme. Got stuck on x so decided to write the start of a film noir-ish story with as many x words as I could find (who would have guessed that there was a X word word for bad tempered women...). If you have any x words you could donate they would go to a good home. Better still come over and add a line to my cheesy story.... I'd be very grateful....

  3. Amen to all you said. The writer who writes only to be published isn't going to keep writing when things get tough. For others, it's as necessary as breathing; it's who we are.

    It's been a fun month of A to Z-ing ... almost over ... I'm glad I found your blog before it ended.

  4. It's funny when I started out (in another century) one goal was to be published. I am but it happened at times in my life when I least expected it or tried. When I look at all the other work I have written and given away (as a writer/ radio script writer), I have found that work probably has had impact on more people in more places.
    I always tell people to write/ to create out of the love of it. I am convinced the most meaningful works come from the heart

    thanks for your meaningful discussion on writing

  5. That's very true. I think that's why I like drafting so much more than revision. It feel like real writing, while revising feels like work.

  6. Xoxo to you Fran! Yes one has to love the writer's curse elsewise why would we do it? (Rhetorical question!)
    Susan Scott's Soul Stuff

  7. Great thinking outside the box to get XO for your post.

    You are so right. you have to do what you love. It seems that you definitely do follow what you preach and do what you love.

  8. Sometimes I think writing is just about getting all of that stuff out of your head. I enjoyed your post.