Thursday, 18 April 2013

Don't Talk! - Write!

English: A jar of coffee-covered chocolate beansPurposeful is my P word for the A-Z April Challenge. Now that we are more than half way through the challenge - if you were paying attention you would have found out quite a bit about me. i.e. I'm being published this year for the first time, I'm looking for an agent, I'm writing my second novel, I like chocolate and I have a big bum. Some might say that the purposeful way in which I eat chocolate might be part of the reason I have a big bum but I'm going slightly off my point!

I have set myself a target to finish writing this second novel by the end of June. I am about a third of the way through now and I've been skipping quite a few days. I want to knuckle down and get this baby finished so that I am prepared for the floods of literary agents that will be knocking on my door to represent me.

I will set myself writing deadlines that I will stick to. I will limit my internet activities to just one hour a day. I will turn off the TV. I will do my research. I will not reach for my chocolate supplies until I fulfil my writing quota for the day. I will finish writing this novel!

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  1. Very nice to meet you Fran! Congrats on being published. And, darn it, you've made me want chocolate! It's 12:30 at night, for crying out loud! ;)

  2. That's probably the best time to eat chocolate, Heidi. Fewer people around to have to share it with! Thank you for dropping by:)