Friday, 22 March 2013

5 Short Story Collections You Should Be Reading

I read a blog post recently by a book blogger who found that there were some really good authors of novels who were just a bit hit and miss when it came to their capability to write short stories. I found it interesting as just last summer I completed a collection of short stories. I have them on hold whilst I go through the process of having my first novel published.

My reason for writing these stories was because, after completing the final draft of my first novel, I was left with a gap. My characters were still living with me and I felt that for some of the supporting characters, their story could do with embellishment. I set the stories in the past, present and future of the time that my novel takes place (1936 - 2008). I hope that these stories can stand alone without the reader having to have read the novel first. I have tested them on a small audience and so far the response has been good.

(By the way the last short story collection I read was by Raymond Carver,  Elephant. Loved them all)!

So how do you write a short story and what makes a short story great? I've posted some links that might help you getting the best out of your short story writing. I hope this helps.

And now follow the link below for some recommendations:

5 Short Story Collections You Should Be Reading | Thought Catalog

If you can add to any of the above then please let me know!

Happy Writing All!

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