Wednesday, 6 February 2013


So, my publisher contacted me recently to ask if I had any dedication or acknowledgements for my book. I found writing the acknowledgement difficult. Somehow writing a few words about how thankful I am to the people who got my book to publishing stage just didn't seem enough. Maybe seeing it on a page will help re-iterate what I've already tried to put in words. But the acknowledgement tells everyone else just how special this 'team' has been and how essential. Whilst I know I've had lots of pats on the back and lots of 'you're a good writer' come my way I still feel very much that I was part of a team.

Yes the ideas were all mine and I did have to make the final decision whenever I got any suggestions but it goes to show that producing something like a book can't really be done in a vacuum. (That was a long sentence, one of my readers would have picked that up straight away)!

I didn't have much confidence to start off with when I first started writing. I worried that I couldn't describe well enough, convey the plot, give my characters a voice and that I didn't know that many big words. So I would quake in my boots whenever someone was reading any of my chapters. You can imagine the joy when no-one came back to me saying don't give up the day job.

Sometimes I found writing a bit lonely and it was great to have supportive people to share it with and bounce ideas around. So now it's getting closer and closer to the main event. If the book does well I'll have some fabulous people to help me celebrate but I won't even talk about the other thing. Why be gloomy when there's all this celebration of getting to this stage going on?

I've seen some really, and I mean really long dedications and acknowledgements on books that I've read in my life. What's the longest you've read? You can name names or give a page count.

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