Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What Inspires You To Write?

Yesterday evening, I took myself out in the cold and rain on a two bus journey across town (well the suburbs, really) to hear author Amanda Craig discussing her fabulous novel Hearts and Minds.

Amanda talked about what inspired her to write this book. Breifly, as you can probably Google the full story, she came across the real life stories of people that came into her own life and as she spoke to them she realised there was a world on her doorstep that she had not yet learned about. She went out and researched and interviewed lots of people and this is what helped her piece together all the intricate plot and storylines that went to make, in my opinion, a wonderfully moving read.
It occured to me that most of my inspiration comes from the real life stories that I know or have heard about. For example, my mother told me stories about her childhood in the Caribbean and coming to England in the late 50s. The stories always fascinated me and a whole saga of events sprang into my head about the 'what if's' that my mother's words inspired in me.
You must have heard it said 'write what you know about' and anything I didn't know but needed to know when writing the book, I took myself off to find out.
The best part about this sort of inspiration is that you can make your story credible, I believe, as it is based on something you know and experienced. But, like any writer or creative, you get to make stuff up! That's always the fun part for me. Just letting your imagination go wild but your story is grounded by reality.
Well this is what works for me. How and where do you get your inspiration from?
Whatever your answer - Happy Writing! And, if you're reading this Amanda (as if), thanks for a great evening!

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