Thursday, 13 December 2012

Hold Tight

My journey to becoming a published author continues. Today I turned in my final manuscript and author photo. (Just between you and me - I did enlist a panel of four to help me choose the best one. And I'm still worried about whether or not the best one was chosen). I feel a sense of relief even though my manuscript goes off on the journey without me for now. I'm guessing that at some stage, after the Christmas holiday, I will be handed back a proof and will have my baby back for further tweaks. I'm hoping not too many - we shall see.

So where does that leave me?

Actually in a very nice and cosy little place. I'm not stressing about trying to get a publishing deal and I can just relax and carry on writing - for now.

So it's back to the editing of book number two. I think last time I said I'd post some excerpts and I promise I will do once I've edited a bit more and happy with my progress. Looking forward to the festivities of the season and to what my publishing journey will bring. The future beckons.

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