Monday, 10 December 2012

Happy Writer

I'm celebrating. I have finished writing my collection of short stories. Hooray. I enjoyed writing the five stories this autumn, so much so that I launched into them before I'd even finished my second novel. Which, by the way, still sits somewhere in Word, waiting for an ending. And, whilst I'm at it, a middle too.

The short stories are a spin off from my first completed novel, Holding Paradise, which is published next year. During the editing process of H P I couldn't help wondering what would happen if I brought to life a few of the characters who had an important role but there was no space in the novel for me to give them a back story. Hence the short stories were born.

The grandmother figure in H P is given centre stage in the first story, The Long Way Home, and is the love story of how she met her first love at age 16 and how a devastating hurricane, The First World War and a lie keeps them apart. (I will publish some excerpts very soon).

My next big task is editing the stories. Something I'm hoping will be easier than a 99,000+ words novel that H P was. At least I can take it one short story at a time! Somebody tell me it will be easier - please.

So I've got that happy feeling again. The one I had when I knew I'd finished H P. A great feeling and I never want it to end.

Happy Writing!

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