Saturday, 24 November 2012

Writing Circles

So, tomorrow morning is Yoga Morning - that's what I call Sunday's now. Every other Yoga Morning I go to my writing circle straight after yoga. I'm packing yoga mat, laptop, notebook and sometimes croissant. I know the coffee will be on and a warm welcome from my fine writer friend.

You notice I say friend - not plural. That's because there are only two of us and rather than calling ourselves a Writer's Circle we are the Writer's Line. I figured two people do not a circle make.

As writers we all the know the importance of seeking opinions and getting feedback from others when you're writing. I am lucky to have a few people I can pin down and obtain valuable feedback from. It helps the writing process sort of in the way reading your work aloud does - only better. Having the Writer's Line is like having your own personal editor. Someone who knows and understands your style and sometimes knows how you wanted to say something even if you didn't get it right the first time.

We are very protective of our Writer's Line and when it looked like other people wanted to join we had to close ranks. If they brought their own croissant,or better still, croissants all round then they might be worth considering. A new member would make us the Writer's Triangle, next thing you know we'd be a square.

How many people will it take before we could consider ourselves to be a real circle and how many croissant would we need?

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