Friday, 30 November 2012

I'm A Writer Get Me Out Of Here

There's only one thing worse than writer's block and that is having too much to write...

When I finished writing my first novel and whilst in the process of drawing up a list of agents I could approach, looking at publishing companies and going through the long hard process of editing my novel to the best of my capabilities, I would also keep up my running.  I run along my local canal towpath and, sometimes, the river.
It was whislt runnig that I hit on my second book idea - strangely, it's about a runner - and I rushed home and drafted the whole plot in a tatty notebook. I ran the idea by several people, wrote some opening chapters which I asked a couple of people to read and they liked my idea. So, I couldn't wait to start writing this second novel. But that all came to a standstill when trying to get the first novel off the ground took precedence and also took me to an editing frenzy of the first book in an attempt to get it just so. So - second book idea was shelved for the time being.
But whislt editing the frist book, I found myself deleting various, superfluous plots and stories but, painfully so. I liked those scenes but they didn't help the novel along, I felt at the time. So I hit on the idea of keeping those stories and making a collection of short stories and use the ideas I had to delete from my first novel. That meant second novel idea was still taking a back seat that was even further back on its shelf than ever before. I got so engrossed in the short stories collection that I couldn't stop writing them (I'm on the last one now) and I would only wave and smile at novel number 2 from my desk each time I put the laptop on.
The point of this long winded post is that I'm missing novel number 2 but I still haven't got time to write it. I wondered if it was possible to spilt myself into several versions of me so that I could do all the things I want to do and not feel like I'm missing out on something.
So I suppose I have to take comfort in the fact that at least I'm witing something. And having too much to write is better than having writer's block - right?
Happy writing!

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