Monday, 26 November 2012

I Wish I Was Wonder Woman

Whilst I'm over the moon that my first novel is going to be published next year, my publisher has just given me a list of things to do before the publishing process gets under way.

By profession I'm a singer-songwriter, I also teach vocals. And I won't begin to list all the other things that happen in my life because, well, I just don't have the time to.

How is it done? How can I balance my music, my writing, my family, friends, drinking red wine and a long list of really, really important things?

This is a particularly busy week for me and I'm finding it hard to keep my composure. I practically barked at my son who wanted to show me a karate move before my husband took him off to his class. I hope he forgives me. I don't know how tactful a person can sound when they've just said, "stop talking, I'm working."

So let me just take a breath and try out one of my old, tried and tested coping skills. Make A List. That's what I do. I remember now. Just write everything down that you can possibly, but most of all, realistically, do in one day. Remember that within some of those 24 hours you will have to sleep/rest. Be generous about that part of your day because it can help you cope with the next day better. Tick your jobs off as you go and if you don't get it all done then stick those jobs on the list for tomorrow.

That's what usually works for me and I have to remember this everytime I have a week like this one. By the way, I have 10 new songs to learn for a gig that's in three days. Well, two days now because it's getting pretty late.

But I did take courage in this Guardian Article

All my tasks are ticked off for the day. Now for some rest. Tomorrow beckons and so do all my jobs.

How do you cope?

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